Paintball Game Styles For 5+ Years Old

Four different styles of paintball to have fun for all ages!


Looking For What Paintball Style Is Best For You Or Your Children?

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Traditional Paintball: Starting Ages 10+

Paintball gives you an opportunity to try an adventure unlike any you have ever experienced. Whether you are a hunter, attacking or defending, the sport suits men, women and youth. Whenever players finish a day at the field, their response is always the same…the sensation is unequaled!! Paintball encourages kids to get up off the couch and engage in a fun, physical activity unlike no other. Special bonds are formed whether it’s a father and son or a corporate team-building event, paintball brings us all together for a fun change from the ordinary.

Mark’em All Paintball hosts three separate fields offering a diverse number of options for game scenarios. Game types in paintball vary, but can include capture the flag, elimination, defending or attacking a particular point or area, or capturing objects of interest hidden in the playing area.

Any player that has been hit, regardless of the location on his body or gear, is out for the remainder of the game, a game lasts anywhere from approximately five to ten minutes and all players are reinstated to the game on the next round.

Paint is easily washed away with water and made of a biodegradable, non-toxic, material. Players are required to wear the proper safety gear including a full head mask and are are given the option to wear a chest protector.

It is not necessary to have a group of players when attending Mark’em All Paintball. It’s our job to match any single player or small groups with similar player skill levels so nobody is left sitting around. We encourage players to group with other small parties to form the perfect match for game play.


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This is the perfect option for our younger paintball enthusiasts starting at the age eight. The Jelly Ball guns are a low impact option and a safe way to ease your child into the sport of paintball. Jelly Ball was engineered so kids (and adults) could easily cock, load and fire.

Players are outfitted with necessary safety protection including a full mask and a chest protector.

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Take your party or event to the next level with a fun interactive activity safe for the whole family and starting at the age of five. Our inflatable shooting range is a great way to bring a unique change to your next party. Our setup includes tables, a tent, banners, several different Jelly Ball gun options, full face masks, safety netting and at least two staff members on site for the duration of the party.

Participants will take turns one at a time shooting 15 rounds downrange aimed at the targets we set up inside. Participants at no point in time will ever shoot any other person, ONLY the targets inside of the inflatable shooting range, which ensures a safe option.

As mentioned above, the ammo used is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, resists stains, and easily washes away with water. The area we use for your event will be left in a clean state and all paint will be contained inside of the structure.

Our outdoor shooting range is the perfect alternative to a bounce house or water slide for your child’s next birthday party.


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Just wanted to give big props to this place. Took my 14 year old nephew and 12 year old son. We had such a great time. James was our referee and organizer, and he kept us feeling extremely safe, kept the games running smoothly, and all in all made it a top notch experience. Something we will definitely come back to winter haven to do again. It ended our vacation with a great experience. Lots of guys there that are very experienced and you’d think they’d take over the course, but they didn’t. They helped you play hard, they watched your back, and helped us be better. Five stars plus one!!!!

Brian Arnold

Brian Arnold

The family and I had a good time, Conley was our host and he was awesome. The kids paintball was great the kids had so much fun. Will recommend to kids 6 and over for the kids paintball. Will come again thank you guys so much for the fun experience.


Erika Hawkinson

Went here just today to take my friend paintballing with me. Was really fun, and the prices are so much better than a lot of others fields. 


Brandon Anderson

Frequently Asked Questions


    A paintball is a thin-skinned ball filled with paint. They resemble large bath oil beads. The paint inside the paintball capsule is water soluble and biodegradable. In other words, you can rinse the paint out of your clothing. It is best to wear loose fitting clothing that have long sleeves and thick pants.

    Paintball markers are guns that use to shot paintballs. There are three different types.

    • Pump-action paintguns: You have to pump the gun, then squeeze the trigger to get it to cock the paintball. Repeat everytime.
    • Semi-automatic paintguns: You have to cock the gun for the first shot, but you do not have to repeat the action. The gun will automatically be ready to fire.
    • Full-auto paintgun: All you have to do is squeeze the trigger. It will always be ready.

    To play paintball, you will need a certified paintball field, referee, paintball markers (guns), goggles, and paintballs. The objective of the game is to protect your flag and make sure the opposing team does not conquer it. The game can be very strategic.

    Your goal is to remove players from the game so you can capture the flag easily. When a player is hit with a paintball, they are out of the game.

    Once you capture a team’s flag, you have to return it to your home base. You cannot win until the opponent’s flag makes to your home base.


    Paintball can be played as a sport or as a game by both men and women. Kids 10 and up are also eligible to play. All you need is the ability to think quickly and be determined.


    Paintball is an exciting sport. It has adventure, action and a little threat of danger that most people find invigorating. In its essence, paintball is a great vehicle to help people learn about teamwork, gain self-confidence, and develop their leadership skills.


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