Paintball rental packages

You get to experience the paintball like a pro at Mark'em All Paintball. We have the most cutting-edge, high-quality gear in Florida, and you get it ALL with Mark'em All Paintball!

paintball rental packages
paintball winter haven

Basic Package $25

Everything you need for an awesome day at the paintball field

  • Admission
  • Mask
  • Basic Paintball Marker
  • Hopper
  • 100 Paintballs
  • Chest Protector
  • Air Tank
  • Unlimited Air
  • Rate of Fire Semi-Auto
paintball winter haven

Premium Paintball Package $40

Upgrade your experience for more paint and a better shot

  • Everything in Basic Package
  • 500 Paintballs
  • Sniper Upgrade
  • Rate of Fire Semi-Auto
paintball winter haven

Assault package  $40

Play like the pros with a upgraded speedball marker

  • Custom Electric Marker
  • Premium Electric Hopper
  • Carbon Fiber Lite Air Tank
  • Harness with 140 Round Pods
  • Full Hopper of Paint
  • Rate of Fire 10.5 BPS

Have your own gun & gear?

If you’ve got your own gear we know you’re serious about paintball  

paintball fees
paintball rental fees

Play at our field and be treated like family! We offer a One Year Membership and want YOU to be one! For $100 Per Year you can come enjoy the field anytime you like and your admission is covered!


Gel Blaster

Paintball for kids is here! Your adventurous young one can jump into the game at the age of 4. The Gel Blaster guns and gear are designed for safety and minimal impact, without losing any of the excitement!

Gel Blaster Group Pricing

1 - 5 Players

*Walk in Only

$25 per person for 1 hour


6 - 10 Players

*Appointment Only

$30 per person for 1 hour


11 - 18 Players

*Appointment Only

$40 per person per hour

19 - 24 Players

*Appointment Only

$60 per person per hour

markem premium package

Assault package

Here at Mark'em All Paintball, we offer the highest quality paintball equipment! From our basic rental package with our mechanical gun to our assault package with our professional electric equipment, we can ensure you will have a blast!


Frequently asked Questions

  • Does Paintball Hurt?

    Yes it stings when the ball hits skin. But once you have played a few games you get used to it and you get more into the game and not worry as much about the hit.

  • Do I have to come with a Group to Play?

    You can come as a Walk-in player anytime during normal business hours and play games with all the other players that are present.

  • If our group comes as Walk-in players can we play with just our own group?

    All Walk-in Players are required to together.


Ready to Play Paintball?

Contact us today if you have questions or concerns regarding booking a party or coming out for your day of fun at the paintball field

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