Paintball rental packages

You get to experience the paintball like a pro at Mark'em Paintball. We have the most cutting-edge, high-quality gear in Florida, and you get it ALL when you play with us.

paintball rental packages
paintball winter haven

Basic Package $25

Everything you need for an awesome day at the paintball field

  • Admission
  • Mask
  • Paintball Marker
  • Hopper
  • 100 Paintballs
  • Chest Protector
  • Air Tank
  • Unlimited Air
paintball winter haven

Premium Paintball Package $40

Upgrade your experience for more paint and a better shot

  • Everything in Basic 
  • 500 Paintballs
  • Sniper Upgrade
  • Advanced audience insights
paintball winter haven

Assault package  $40

Play like the pros with a upgraded speedball marker

  • Everything in Premium  
  • Custom DYE DSR Marker
  • Electric Fast Feed Hopper
  • Lighter Air Tank

Have your own gun & gear?

If you’ve got your own gear we know you’re serious about paintball  

paintball fees
paintball rental fees

Play on our field and be treated like a pro! If you are ready to take your passion for paintball to the next level, save some cash and become a join our membership club!


Kids’ Paintball - Jelly Ball

Paintball for kids is here! Your adventurous young one can jump into the game at the age of 6. The Paintball guns and gear are designed for safety and lower impact, without losing any of the excitement!

1 - 5 Players

*Walk in Only

$25 per person for 1 hour


6 - 10 Players

*Appointment Only

$30 per person for 1 hour


11 - 18 Players

*Appointment Only

$40 per person per hour

19 - 24 Players

*Appointment Only

$60 per person per hour

markem premium package

Assault package

Here at Mark'em paintball, we offer the highest quality paintball equipment! From our basic rental package with our mechanical gun to our assault package with our professional electrical equipment, we can ensure you will have a blast!

markem premium package

Exclusive Paintball Memberships

If you’ve invested in your own paintball gun & gear, then you are ready to take your passion for paintball to the next level. We invite you to join one of our exclusive membership and get the perks & discounts of a pro!


Frequently asked questions

Paintball is an elaborate recreational game of “capturing the flag.” If you enjoyed playing “hide and go seek” or “tag” when you were younger, you will like paintball. It is a combination of both games.


    A paintball is a thin-skinned ball filled with paint. They resemble large bath oil beads. The paint inside the paintball capsule is water soluble and biodegradable. In other words, you can rinse the paint out of your clothing. It is best to wear loose fitting clothing that have long sleeves and thick pants.

    Paintball markers are guns that use to shot paintballs. There are three different types.

    Pump-action paintguns: You have to pump the gun, then squeeze the trigger to get it to cock the paintball. Repeat everytime.

    Semi-automatic paintguns: You have to cock the gun for the first shot, but you do not have to repeat the action. The gun will automatically be ready to fire.

    Full-auto paintgun: All you have to do is squeeze the trigger. It will always be ready.


    To play paintball, you will need a certified paintball field, referee, paintball markers (guns), goggles, and paintballs. The objective of the game is to protect your flag and make sure the opposing team does not conquer it. The game can be very strategic.

    Your goal is to remove players from the game so you can capture the flag easily. When a player is hit with a paintball, they are out of the game.

    Once you capture a team’s flag, you have to return it to your home base. You cannot win until the opponent’s flag makes to your home base.


    Paintball can be played as a sport or as a game by both men and women. Kids 10 and up are also eligible to play. All you need is the ability to think quickly and be determined.


    Paintball is an exciting sport. It has adventure, action and a little threat of danger that most people find invigorating. In its essence, paintball is a great vehicle to help people learn about teamwork, gain self-confidence, and develop their leadership skills.


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